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Default this thread is sort of old but it's the only point of call I have found.

I, too, own a Fujitsu P770 and am at the stage where 128GB is simply not enough for my needs...Hence I have considered the following two:

- Buying a 1TB-2TB 2.5" HDD (even if I go for a 7200rpm one I am sure to feel the drop in operating speed...)
-Replacing it with a 512GB SSD...

Now as far as I understand this Laptop only supports SATA I whilst most new SSDs are SATA III compliant, hence there is no point looking out for the fastest SSD because I will be limited to SATA I transfer rates anyway.

Having read this thread a third option opened up for me, though. You say that you replaced the optical drive with a second HDD. May I ask how you went about that? Yes, the connector is the same, but what keeps it in place/closes the bay etc.

Looking forward to your reply
Thanks in advance
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