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I dunno about the windows servers but haven't heard any complaints from my folding buddies.
The uploads from these wu's are 27 MB i think so you need a fast connention. Also, i think stanford's network is still slowing uploads. But similar sizes on my linux wu's take a few minutes to complete on my sympatico high speed adsl.

All my smp rigs are running the linux smp client atm... they get their wus from different serves than win SMP.

The 2610 is the heaviest win smp wu atm. Rigs with only 2 MB cache really take a perf hit with them. I only have one smp rig with 2 MB (a 6400) ... the rest - 930D's, 6600's & quads all have 4MB per 2 cores (the quads have 8 MB cache) so they perform well on the 2610. Their is a similar cache luvin wu (2609) that i get on the linux rigs.

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