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Originally Posted by 4DoorGTZ View Post
The big thing, is the gifting.... I'm gifting 5k-10k barrels of oil at a time as trade depots get full back to industrial city. Then I play over there and the incoming gifts of oil number in the hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil. A truck drops off 1k and a train 5k, but there's still over a half million barrels on the way...... Someone fail at math?
Actually I've figured out slightly what happens or what needs to happen if you are sending gifts between two cities you play yourself.

Perform the gift as you normally would, however once the gift has been sent DO NOT switch to the other city. You NEED to see the gift has been sent and is no longer in transit from YOUR side before switching over to your other city (as it technically hasn't left your city yet). Once the donator city no longer shows the gift in transit, then switch over to that second city, wait a few in game hours (which isn't long on cheetah) and BAM gifts received.

Found this out through trial and error, however it seems I always get the gifts I send to my 2nd city if I do this process, otherwise the game hasn't seen the item leave city 1 to get to city 2
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