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Thanks for all those links to stories, the comments are golden. If this was a shareware game I'd have let the timer expire, and only register it if they fixed the bugs.

I'm not having issues anymore getting onto a server, but the server/client communication, the apparent simple numbers flowing back and forth keep screwing me over. I built a large industrial city with a population of 150k(fudged) that supposedly has 30k(fudged?) jobs available. So after nearly draining the available oil resource I took over a neighboring city to export oil to the industrial city.

So I relied on the operational city for power, water, garbage, health, fire, police to start. As I expected I had to invest in its own clinic, fire, police, and eventually garbage..... But the broken server/client communication means the 60mw extra from industrial city isn't available (headshot, mesquite isn't buying that much is it?) so there goes $30k for a wind farm ontop of a hill.

The big thing, is the gifting.... I'm gifting 5k-10k barrels of oil at a time as trade depots get full back to industrial city. Then I play over there and the incoming gifts of oil number in the hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil. A truck drops off 1k and a train 5k, but there's still over a half million barrels on the way...... Someone fail at math?

Have an A-1 day!
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