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Originally Posted by ShinraCorp View Post
I'm honestly with you on that, the OS is great but it's as if Microsoft doesn't consider it their priority and only shell out updates to it once every 6 months or something (last update was 3 months ago for me) it pains me to see them create something good and just to let it go like that. Heck I think Nokia did more than Microsoft did for the OS.... I mean they're about a dozen Nokia apps available for the phone all of them really great, and it shows they're dedicated to the operating system compare to Microsoft. I've also heard complains from developers about how the SDK is lacking and they don't have access to certain resources (the timer app for example doesn't even work correctly cause Windows Phone 8 updates the time by the minute).
Definitely agree with you about Nokia doing more for the platform at this point than Microsoft. Nokia Drive is one of the main reasons I've been considering a 920 for as long as I have been and why I still plan on owning one eventually. If not for Nokia I would have been surprised to see HTC and Samsung go to as much effort as they did (for Samsung it was 1% but HTC did put in a decent amount though). But Nokia having the software, nice hardware with a camera that still comes up when I discuss cellphone optics I think is the sole reason why Microsoft is still in the game at all.

I have heard the same thing fgor a few developers I've met. Basically "It looks good but once you get down into it it gets frustrating"
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