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Default Overclocking from a NCIX built PC that they have OC'd

My new Vesta EVO i1 arrived yesterday so that means it's time for me to play with some overclocking.

I'm actually trying to underclock from the NCIX shipped speed of 4.4ghz for the HWC SuperPi contest that requires a 4.0ghz speed for it's maximum.

So underclocking from the shipped speed = no problem... right? Nope.

I go into the BIOS and try to change the Multiplier from the 44 that NCIX shipped it and it will not let me. Oh I can change it but when I boot up it reverts to 44. Even loading the BIOS defaults will not change the multiplier.

I'm wondering if NCIX has the ability to go right into the chip itself to alter some settings. (in this case it's the ratio but perhaps other settings as well)

Does this sound reasonable. I can't imagine PEBKAC when I've selected "Load BIOS defaults" and even that won't override the ratio setting.

Edit: I should add I've tried many other settings as well without success... but surely restore defaults is the sledge hammer...
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