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My System Specs


I actually just started playing around with ie10 but it does make me a little nervous to use I have tried any and every web browser I can find and the only ones that I use dailer are opera and Firefox nightly and the reasons being is because I can add plug ins like ghosly to block and or see what is trying pop in my browser.

on a side note , I had the weirdest thing just happen to me when I rebooted my system and that was as soon as my net connected I had a pop up asking if a cookie could connect to the Internet now the only reason that I can think of as to why this happened was because when I started to use IE 10 I turned off accept cookies and turn on ask for permission . the other browsers I have also have them set up this way but for some reason it was an IE 10 pop up and IE 10 isn't my default web browser .
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