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I waited a little longer than planned to do 'normal activities' first with my new monitor. Ie, watching part of a movie in native resolution and playing some Tomb Raider 2013. Those tests were somewhat reassuring as I had a hard time noticing the bleeds; it's certainly alot less evident than when you're staring at black, anyhow.

Still, here are two pictures - sorry for the rather poor quality, I only have my cellphone here ATM. I took them in the dark at 85% as suggested. You can clearly see the blue and the yellow, or maybe orange. I'm green-yellow colorblind so it's hard to tell, but I sure as hell know it's not black ;)

And a side by side shot with my trusty old wfp2407, which doesn't bleed at all:

If this is 'normal' according to you guys, I'll likely keep things as is. I just need an outside opinion or two to make sure I'm not simply keeping an abnormal panel. I've had only a few monitors, and it's the first one like this, so I'm fully ready to accept it's no big deal - but if it's not normal, given the price tag, I'll get it replaced for sure.
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