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My System Specs


Originally Posted by DkRk View Post
For running Android properly.

I don't get the disappointment. The camera upgrade, plus glove-friendly use as well as a 1080p screen seem like pretty marked improvements. What more do people expect out of a new device?
A popcorn machine??

The phone was upgraded in every way, the screen is much improved, battery is larger, it's slimmer, has some new features, better cameras, faster processer, etc..

What people expect I have no idea...

Would be nice if they ditched the GOD AWFUL UGLY ui but that'll never happen unfortunately.

I welcome the improvements, it promotes competition and the next nexus device should include similar hardware for a fraction of the price!

Wonder if this phone will outsell the GS3 by a large amount?

And this phone is actually running the latest version of android and will be for about a full month until 5.0 drops... that's gotta be a record?
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