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Originally Posted by Valamyr View Post
Hello all. I just got a brand new U2713HM from Dell, from the days of deals.

My only issue with it is the backlit bleed. Given I've never owned a monitor that bled like this before I'm trying to find more info on whether this is worth a RMA or not.

First of all, it bleeds an anoying shade of green or yellow in the bottom left corner and a less aggravating blue in the lower right. This is hard to notice unless the background is black. Room lighting is normal / comparable to daily use.

When Googling backlit bleed issues, I clearly see pictures that are much worse than mine, but I assume these to be the worst cases whereas mine is a less obvious case.

Part of my problem is that some advice I've read say that this is normal and a RMA could yield a worse panel. Did I just pay 600$ to play rainbow lottery? :p I'm a bit puzzled. How much do you feel is acceptable when it comes to this particular issue? Aside from this, the panel has no noticeable defect. Colors are the most vibrant and accurate I've ever seen on an monitor out-of-the-box, and no dead pixels.
Pitch black room. Brightness about 85% contrast about the same.. take a picture.

Any LCD will have backlight bleeding some worse than others but in general you could get a better one or a worse one.
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