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My System Specs


Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
It's not so much CPU power, as it is performance per watt. This is the metric by which most chips, especially mobile versions will be measured. How much work can you do with a certain battery capacity.

This translates over to the desktop side, as the less power consumed by a chip, the less heat output, and the quieter the PC.

Case in Point, for all intents and purposes, the 8350 matches the 3570K in gaming performance (it's a little lower, but not by a whole lot). However it uses almost three times as much power, and outputs that much more heat. The cooling solution attached to that chip has to work three times as hard to keep the chip cool, therefore creating more noise.

Back to the mobile and APU side, if AMD can combine decent CPU processing power, and mid-level graphics power on one chip, while keeping powerconsumption and heat output low, they'll have a real winner on their hands. I think they're well on their way in that respect.
I realize that however, at this point I feel the only thing that holds AMD offerings back is the lack of CPU power. For example in many games similarly priced intel processors beat out AMD's APUs. APU's are much stronger with respect to their graphics side however framerates are held back by the CPU.

Until more programs utilize the extra cores AMD offers over Intel in their mid range mobile processors I still feel Intel will continue to be a winner unless AMD can step up in the CPU game. Intel is definitely stepping up their graphics game and I feel AMD will have to step up their CPU power to keep up while maintaining a good performance per watt ratio.
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