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you can currently and more so for quite a few weeks at ncix get a gigabyte 7970 oc card for 400$ saw them as low as 350 at one point - I've had 2 that both oced to 1285/1850 "core/mem" respectively(24/7) and while benching 1315/1950 "core/mem"(on bench table) respectively and with window open 1325/2000 "core/mem" during late fall ofc.

but either way that's a pretty ownage xfire pack right there for 800$ today "700 on special days". that can most likely sit at 1250 core 1800 mem 24/7 for ever and ever.

considering my 1315/1950 run still sits above stock titan runs of similar cpu clocks.

makes me wonder is it even close to worth it?.

imho nope no it is not.

now if that titan was 700$ .. well then maybe were talking then
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