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Honestly, Microsoft has disappointed me with Windows Phone 8. I want to like it but I just cant quite get there. It looks decent but it feels like they are mucking about too much with Windows and stuff in general at the moment to really get it right. The important apps are there, skype, browser, email and office so thats not really a problem for me truely. I could get over it anyways

The main reason I think that I dont have faith in it at the moment is that its a brand new platform and it recieves 1 update a year. Blackberry will likely be at 10.1 when it launches in the states, WebOS and android both recieved countless updates in quick succession when they were young. Microsoft doesnt seem to be willing to push the developments fast enough and thats holding them back. iOS can get away with it now because until they get a proper overhaul (Which I doubt is coming any time soon) really cant change much anyways, glass ceiling. If Microsoft cant push the updates the platform wont develop quickly enough
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