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My System Specs


For crysis 3,when you start the game,there is AMD logo,not nvidia :P Just saying

Ah,the GHZ edition is the reference card? Strange,on AMD website it says 925 mhz.GHZ Edition is an overclocked card i think :)

Its a "reference card" because of the update but you can still buy 925 mhz cards at the moment ,they are not all GHZ at all

It's true that the Ghz can be faster than the 680's tho,depends on the application,as always.
And in this review,the 680 don't seem to be overclocked,if SKY could just tell me if they are OC or not,so we can compare

Anyway,everybody knows a 680 is faster than a 7970 in general,in SLI/Crossfire,may be different,crossfire works good.But still,you have more FPS with these solutions than the Titan,even if the Titan have better frame times for a smoother experience,that's all i had to say,anyway this is not about the 680 and the 7970.

No need to start a debate about brands and stuff it's not the topic

I just think that's its not fair to see GHZ edition cards vs poor cute stock 680's
Nvidia could just clock the 680 higher and say,it's the new 680!

Now stop destroying me

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