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Originally Posted by bliz View Post
Honestly i don't believe in 3D mark at all,the real games benchmarks show the truth,680 SLI is better than 7970 crossfire anyway,in almost any real games.

Depends on what the dev wants to do,crysis 3 for example,but the 680 SLI have more potential,with proper game coding.

Anyway these solutions destroy the titan! Good review,i would just have liked to see 680 lighting or normal 7970...Not really fair.
Don't know what article you read:
While the framerates of AMDís high end Crossfire setups is nothing short of spectacular, that doesnít necessarily translate into an acceptable gameplay experience. On the contrary, in nearly every title, the two HD 7970s or HD 7950s displayed atrocious frame time delivery which resulted in a distinct lack of fluidity and negatively impacted everything from shot accuracy to player immersion. Crossfire is still riddled with stuttering and various other bugs while SLI has its own set of teething problems. This unfortunate situation leaves the TITANís position in the market relatively unscathed since it can deliver consistently high performance with none of the dual card solutionsí excess drama.
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