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Default rendering

[QUOTE=SKYMTL;696355]I think I know what you mean but I'm not 100% sure. The FRAPS output is in milliseconds and frame number. It doesn't attribute a time stamp to each data point. However, we also can't forget that most of those charts show upwards of three THOUSAND data points.

I think it would be helpful but you have to look at how benchmarks are currently being done. Personally, I find there should always be a clearly distinguished line between benchmarking an EXPERIENCE rather than measuring absolutes across a purely scientific spectrum. It begins a slippery slope which starts and ends with a simple question: what's being benchmarked?

I'll give you an example. If a solution is skipping frames in order to achieve a certain result and the end user has no way of seeing it, should it be counted as an ISSUE or a FEATURE? In a way it could be considered cheating but if it benefits gameplay while being completely invisible.

If a solution is skipping frames, but is including those skipped frames in the fps counter as rendered, I have a problem with that. Of course actual experience is always a key factor.
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