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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
SLI still displays single screen issues in Dirt Showdown, Assassin's Creed and Hitman. To me, those issues devalue it to a certain extent, much like the problems I mentioned with Crossfire.

Also, the term "value" has different meanings to different people and I think I made that quite evident in the conclusion. For some, having a worry-free experience that's completely smooth is more than worth the additional cost associated with TITAN. For others who don't care about onscreen fluidity or don't notice stutter, TITAN is a poor value.
Okay, I agree with your assessment here. Value is a loose term that can be subject to interpretation. A cost/Performance chart might paint a clear picture of how they compete relative to each other.

Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
[2) Outside of time concerns, why didn't you include the 660ti in this review? I'm wondering if the results of this review would have been different if Titan was compared against a setup aprox 50-60% its cost. I understand that you cant review everything however, given the cost/performance value here, the content presented... this seems to be missing something. Was this at someones request?

I am a believer that had these two issues/questions been reviewed, we would see a completely different conclusion

Time didn't even factor into that decision. Adding a GTX 660 Ti would have necessitated the addition of AMD's HD 7870 as well. A sit stands, with only three cards the frame time charts are quite confusing and adding more cards would have made the situation worse.

You also have to remember that both the GTX 660 Ti SLI and HD 7870 CF would have pretty much mirrored what their higher end compatriots achieved while exasperating the numerous issues.

I may revisit this with the two setups mentioned above. Maybe.
I agree that the frame time charts would have been very "cloudy" and illegible. However Average frame time could be a standard benchmark on which to compare?

I agree that the 660ti SLI and 7870 CF options would mirror the 670 and 7950 results, and that's the point. These cards can be had for even less than their brothers. This severely affects the price/performance value equation.

Based on my personal results, i believe that titan would be seen in a different light if compared against these two, and would therefore change the results of the review in a different direction.
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