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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Dimitry49 View Post
I got this on release, and have to agree with headsh0t about how awesome the gameplay is. It is power hungry thou, i am playing all HIGH, but still get bogged down in frame rate in cities or intense firefights.

Running 1920x1200, GTX 590 (396.67 i believe for drivers), 3930k @ 4GHz, 16GB (1600Mhz). Really excited to get more vehicles and weapons...Finished all showcases, which allowed me to configure my settings for sweet and beautfiful gameplay. Love the infrantry mission. :D What are your thoughts on multiplayer? I havent tried that yet.
The game is poorly optimized right now. I haven't checked myself but people are saying it's only using 50% of their GPU power with high end cards and same deal with CPU.

Multiplayer is what you make of it, there's a lot of different options for you. You could play Co-op missions with people like some of us already do occasionally, which is like a single player mission, except played with your buddies. That can range anywhere from 2 people to like 80 people missions. If you get to that point where you're playing with that many people, you're probably playing in a tactical group - one that communicates very well and uses a rank system such as ShackTac. I enjoy watching videos of missions like that. Check out Dslyecxi and Jester814 on youtube they have some cool vids.

There's also TvT (team vs team) which is self explanatory. There's also something called Insurgency which I have yet to try. There's also Wasteland which is very popular with the DayZ crowd that is now playing Arma. I was playing in a team deathmatch server the other day, which puts barriers around a small playzone of the map and infantry only that gives you the same type of gameplay you might see in Battlefield, speaking of which I saw a map on Armaholic that said it was similar to Battlefield's Rush gameplay where you keep progressing after taking objectives.

And there's a whole lot more too, like I said it's what you make of it. Thanks to the editor pretty much anything can be done. Speaking of the editor, I highly recommend mession around in that, because its sooo fun just laying down some enemies on the map and giving yourself a few choppers. You can also do silly things like spawn 50 up in the air and watch them fall to their deaths (would be awesome with the new ragdoll). Also, check Armaholic for more co-op or single player missions that you can download and put in your Arma3 folder.

Love this game! Alpha Lite invites were sent out today, so if you've been looking to try the game ask someone that has it for a key :)
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