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its possible the campaign feels shorter to me because there was more to do mid missions in wings or maybe because of the way its setup. You picked a planet and did a few missions there that would have otherwise been spread out more in wings with choice between them. Either way many of the mission's were too finicky, its nice to have a few of those to break up the pacing, wings used them well. Didn't like evolution missions. Yes it was nice to try out a few units but it only ever put them in the best case scenario and showed the strengths but not the weaknesses.

I think that this game could benefit quite a bit from a new game plus mode. I dislike only having the full compliment of tools for the final mission or 2. Guess that is what skirmish is for.

the story didn't quite suck me in as much this time either. Kerrigan had glimmers of humanity basically whenever raynor was about but apart from that she really didn't seem to have regained any of her humanity or lost the essence of the queen of blades at all for any of the campaign. Guess its the memory loss and then just jumping right back into the role.
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