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Originally Posted by XNine View Post
It's Lethal Dose divided by Effective Dose, which gives you your Therapeutic Index number. FDA requires any drug's TI to be 4 or greater. The higher, the better (less side effects, less likely of OD'ing). So,. Say Lethal Dose is 100mg and Effective Dose is 10. 100/10=10 which is groovy. Though I'm sure you understand the math... I suck at math lol

That's not really the hardest part... the hardest part is remembering all of these damn drug names. Generic Vs. Brand Name and what they contain....

Just promise me you won't try to make your PC into a George Foreman Grill next time. :)
Gotcha, yeah see that TI I wasn't aware of. When working side by side with my mother for 4 years I got educated fast on a lot of that, though it does vary from what you do.
I had to worry about LD50's and LC50's in trace amounts.
Or acids that you needed to use Acids to neutralize....otherwise if you got it on you you wouldn't feel it till it was at your bone.

Cool stuff mate, and thanks for the help from NZXT and yourself.


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