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Default Help! Shared folder not updating new media files

Hey guys,

This isn't really a hardware issue but hopefully someone can help me out anyway. I have a windows 7 PC on which I have 4 shared folders for various media files (movies/tv/music). Suddenly a couple of weeks ago the files within those folders stopped updating automatically - meaning I add a new file but I can only see the old files when I access the folders from another computer. The weird thing is that new folders within the shared folders will update, and some text files will update, but for whatever reason the actual media files won't show up (.mkv, .avi, .mp3, anything). This happens with each of the four different folders. Currently I have to unshare and re-share the folder everytime I want to access something new from another machine.

If it matters I'm accessing this computer from another windows 7 PC and a windows 7 laptop as well as a WDTV Live box. Same problem on each device.

I've searched high and low for an answer to this one and it has stumped me for over a month now. Please help!!

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