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And I'm saying the kind of restriction you are concerned about isn't worth worrying about. Splitting hairs over fractions of fractions. Straight couplings are laminar in flow and thus no change in direction which creates a virtually incalculable pressure drop.

What you want is gallons per hour or minute running over components to remove heat... couplings whether metal or plastic and a 1/16 of an inch bigger or smaller isn't going to drop the GPM enough to affect cooling or create any problems for the pump and other components. Speed matters too... or you won't remove enough heat with the fluid. Some guys think they gotta crank the pump speed up to get better cooling... Nothing could be further from the truth.

I accomplish better cooling by halving my pump speed.

If the OP is concerned about the look of it I think simply switching to 3/8 fittings will be more than sufficient to cool everything.
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