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My System Specs


Thanks b1lk1.

I hope to get my new rig Friday with the DGX and I hope I can get 5.1 out of it.

I might have a problem with my home theatre amp then. I'm using optical output from my motherboard and while I set the amp to AC3 it only ouputs in stereo.

An old (but good) amp so I hope the problem is with my Gigabyte Assassin mobo and that the DGX will output 5.1

Edit: When I go into the sound options for my mobo it only offers me 2 channel stereo output formats. Perhaps that is why my amp can't detect a 5.1 source and only plays in stereo from the optical output of a MKV (for example) file that is using the 5.1 output channel.

Perhaps the DGX will permit me more outup options like "passthru" or something of that nature that will permit the full signal to reach the amp... Will find out soon enough.
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