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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Sadly I understand a lot of that Xnine.
Even though my mother did nothing with Pharma, she has her Doctorate in Chemisty and A few masters in related fields.

Cool stuff mate, What exactally is the Lethal Dose 50 overtop of ED50? Never seen that before.

It's Lethal Dose divided by Effective Dose, which gives you your Therapeutic Index number. FDA requires any drug's TI to be 4 or greater. The higher, the better (less side effects, less likely of OD'ing). So,. Say Lethal Dose is 100mg and Effective Dose is 10. 100/10=10 which is groovy. Though I'm sure you understand the math... I suck at math lol

That's not really the hardest part... the hardest part is remembering all of these damn drug names. Generic Vs. Brand Name and what they contain....

Originally Posted by igot6strings View Post

You should take up juggling XNine. You seem to be quite good at it already. Multitasking Superman. Thanks so much dude. I appreciate you doing all this for me.
Just promise me you won't try to make your PC into a George Foreman Grill next time. :)
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