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^ I enjoyed it, the campaign length is about just as long as WoL. I go through the campaign on brutal first and it took just as long for both campaigns.

Like WoL, there's a few unit combinations that are just OP. In WoL, if you have medivacs/medics + bio units and siege tanks, you're set.
In HoTS, it was a combination of either brood lords, the hydralisk strain that attacks single units with massive range, or swarm hosts and a bunch of queens with your hero.

There's this ability on Kerrigan where it buffs a small area of units with 200hp and 100% attack speed for 10 seconds or something. That ability was insane, because you can stack air units so you can buff 50 mutas at onces and kill any boss instantly. Just hope they don't have splash damage heheh.
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