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Default GTX 690 running 3 1440P monitors in surround?

Hey, I just purchased an EVGA GeForce GTX 690 EVGA 04G-P4-2690-KR GeForce GTX 690 4GB 512-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card - and I have three 30" 2560x1440 resolution monitors and I want to run in NVidia 3d surround. The 690 has 2x Dual-Link DVi connectors, a single link DVi connector and a mini display port connector. All of my monitors use Dual-Link DVi connectors and I don't know if I can run all 3 monitors off of this one card. Performance wise I don't care too much, just want to know if it's possible. I found this connector - Accell B087B-003J Mini DisplayPort to DVI Dual-Link Adapter on newegg that says it's an active mini display port to dual link dvi connector so I was thinking I can use that to power the third monitor but I'm unsure. Anyone here know a way that I can run all 3 Dual-Link DVi 1440p monitors on one 690?

Thanks ahead of time!
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