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Sounds like good advice.

Here's the score :

We are a company going from 'hobby' to 'professional corporation ' . In every aspect... I'm not even the IT guy , I'm just helping out , I'm a fabricator/maintenance guy.

I'm not sure if this mac is rooted or not ,still checking ....all I know , is , every single setting related to being secure was wiiiiiiide open.Ugly.I'd personally never allow that kinda $hit on MY network....but anyways , It's the evidence I'm looking for.Apparently , there's no infections on the other 15 pc's , but this mac had those settings and Vuze wide open..


I know the IT guy , he's working his ass off too , we are getting shit squared away.


This mac will never be allowed into our building again I'm afraid , ain't my decision....but it's owned by a friend tho , so I want to help em's got a massive collection of music....

Save/nuke/pave ?
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