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Default More potential graphics issues. XfX rep around?

On my second XfX DD 7970, and I think it is artifacting aswell. At first I thought i was paranoid because of my first card, but it is not going away. It happens in games like Diablo 3, SC2 and Farcry 3, mainly its a square or 2 the flash's a weird color then resumes normal color. And the odd time theres brief minor tearing.Card temps are hovering at around 58-61 (made a custom fan profile) no OC as the card was unstable even at 2% OC. Is there a major defect with this model of card or is it just random bad luck.

I was hoping to get a XfX rep on here and maybe Rma this card and trade Up to a GHZ edition (I would obviously pay the differance) as now my second card is now on the fritz I may want to skip this model and go "up" and hopefully that lasts longer.
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