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Its ok Xnine. We've all been there. Lucky there were no clock towers around...
I can't even do basic html anymore. Qbasic was fun though. I actually used to teach my computer sciences class as my teacher was actually the band teacher and had no clue about computers. Bastard only gave me a 75 in the course too. Oh the joys of education in Newfoundland. Just to put it in perspective for you XNine. Picture Arkansas, if it was an island in the middle of the north atlantic. Thats my education :)

But yes, start setting some fires under the butts of those in charge. If you can convince them somehow to send it air when they do have it finalized i'd owe you a thousand cokes. Just remind them that I paid to ship it there ;)
Besides, my bday is next Tuesday. Its my birthday wish to be able to kill Zombies. You dont want a sad (32yr old) bday boy to deal with do you? DO YOU!? Ok I need caffeine....
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