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My System Specs


Originally Posted by XNine View Post
Oh God, I remember learning "programming" on the Apple II in middle school. Funny thing is, I can understand a lot of code by looking at it, but I can't code worth a damn. I screwed up "Hello World!" for God's sake. Everyone in the class mocked me for days.... until shop class when I owned them on our toothpick bridges. Mine held 7lbs, the closest to that was 3. Then I mocked them. MOCKED THEM!!!!!!!!

God I'm getting old.... Anyway, yes, things are coming along, and I'll be badgering people today try to and see what/when/how everything will be shipped off. Honey Badgering, that is.

You you say things like I've bolded....I picture you as the older person in the corner of an insane asylum talking to anyone who will listen.
Not that....I've been to many Asylums.
I was visiting.
From the inside.

The pills were nice....



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