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My System Specs


Originally Posted by sourthings View Post
parrallel/serial is not a big difference either way. Go with what you prefer.

I would recommend more rad imo. A 240 to replace the 120 in the bottom.
I decided to go parallel with the gpu blocks. Mainly because it will be less restrictive and easier on the pump.

A 240 rad won't fit in the bottom. But that RX120 is a full 1" thicker then a standard 120mm rad. With a push/pull fan config it might be close in performance to a 240 with 2 fans, so I'm thinking about trying it as is and seeing what my temps are like.

Another alternative would be a 200mm rad in the top giving a surface area of 40,000 vs 28,800 with the 240. However the issue then would be to find a good 200mm fan to ensure gaining that extra expected performance....providing it fits.
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