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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
That certainly makes a lot of please explain the less than optimal, down right flimsy hdd cadies....on a case as $ as this one.

I say this as a storage enthusiast...and it is one of the few key things keeping from pulling the trigger on one of these cases! So please help convince me. :)
I'm not sure I can really convince you. I mean, it's an HDD caddie. How often are you going to be pulling HDD's in and out of a case? If it's a lot, then the trays may not work out for you. If not a lot, hardly, or never, then the trays are more than adequate. I really don't have an issue with them once a HDD is installed.

I believe our Product Manager and the designers were tinkering with new ideas for the HDD cages and trays. Unfortunately, companies like to patent these kinds of things, so we'll also have to figure a way out to not piss off another MFG and get suuuuuuuuuuuuuued.

And no, I'm not joking. Companies patent everything these days, from motherboard orientation in a case, to caddies, to holes.... it's a minefield.
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