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Originally Posted by Alwaysrun View Post
Well said Dimitry, I have not in fact had a chance to work with this case and my comment regarding the plastic bits may have been unfair. Truthfully even the most robust and aestetically pleasing plastic shell on any case in my mind tend to "look" cheap and flimsy compared to Steel and alluminum in my eyes. My somewhat preconcieved ideas about this middle brother of the Phantom 3.0 and the 820 really stem from the fact that although they are feature rich (albeit redundant and needless in many cases imo) the basic aestetics of this NZXT line don't tickle my fancy in the least. Anyways I loved the review and think all the case reviews HWC does are simply outstanding. Thanks for keeping me honest and please keep up the great work.
The problem is two-fold:
1. Material cost
With this, we could build all of our chassis out of Aluminum, but that would drastically increase the price and sales wouldn't even be 1/10th of what they are now.
2. Identity. There are plenty of boxes on the market. NZXT has decided that they want to have their own brand recognition and designs, and in doing so, making a lot of the panels (like on the Phantoms) out of aluminum would be so cost prohibitive, that a Phantom 630 would go for 600 bucks.

So, you have to compromise. Dense ABS plastics are used for the more oddly shaped front and top panels while Steel frames, doors, and cages are used to provide stability and rigidity.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't buy a Phantom 630 for 600 bucks, even if it was aluminum. It's just not in that kind of market segment.

You could also look at some of our "competitors," if you'd like to call them that... A lot of them are moving away from all-aluminum in favor of plastics. Why? Cost. Sales. High-end, pricey cases really don't sell that well. You have to remember that the largest segment of this market is budget-builds, and a lot of those people don't want or need or see the value in something that high.

200 bucks for a case is "insane" to a lot of people. Me? I don't care. It's just money. And if I'm going to buy a case I'm going to buy it because I want it, regardless of the price tag (just ask the CaseLabs M8/Pedestal I used to own). That's what separates an enthusiast from just a typical PC builder.

To each their own on aesthetics.
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