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I know that when a unix machine is compromised by a decent root kit, even experienced admins have problems tracking it down within the OS itself. Same with Windows, of course; but there's so much poorly implemented malware for windows, many tend to forget this.

As for what's possible, once compromised, the sky is the limit. I imagine most unix exploit tools can be compiled in OSX. That is, for scanning and attacking other systems within the network.

Why don't you start with the evidence that your IT team is basing their assessment on? Or are they just making an assumption?

As for the security of the G4 OSX platform, it's definitely extremely vulnerable. Two minutes of research on Google can verify this. The safe way to continue using that hardware is a Linux distro. Even if it wasn't used in this particular incident, it's idiotic to continue using an unsupported OS in a business environment. Someone should be flayed for that.
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