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Originally Posted by JD View Post
Yup...I only bought it because the guys at work wanted to play...and well...they totally rape me. It's not at all enjoyable when you lose every game.

As such, only play 2-3 rounds with them per week and then tap out. RTS definitely isn't my genre and never has been. I can usually get by in single player since it's easier and more predictable.

Anyone know if it's already pre-downloaded? I know last week there was a pretty big "patch" and today I see it optimized and downloaded a bit more. (I bought SC2 w/ Heart of the Swarm about a month ago).

Yeah, I prefer to team up with humans (friends) and comp stomp in most of the RTS games I play, just more fun that way even if you increase the number you face and/or their difficulty. Also, a good portion of RTS games the fiancee enjoys playing, allowing us to team up and take on the computers together
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