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Default Still pondering...

I'm still pondering getting a gaming keyboard, or maybe one of these:

RAZER Nostromo $ 57
Logitech's G13 $ 56 0r save my pennies for a
Razer Orbweaver $ 129 - is it really twice the device as these other two?

If I get one of these I can always get a good mechanical keyboard later ....

My best excuse for getting either is for flying my v-planes in FlightSIMs like X-Plane & Cliffs of Dover. In these airplanes there can be a lots of buttons - wholly Hannah have you seen the inside of a Learjet? More buttons that I could map on even the most keyed keyboard. (Thankfully you seldom have to push most of them and you can pause the SIM and use your mouse to actually activate the button on screen - a very cool feature, not one that I've mastered in flight without pausing but that will come, and lots are part of the pre-flight check-list, ... beacon light on? - check, ... etc etc etc - there are pages of things to check before heading down the runway, but I digress - as I'm prone to do....).

Still not sure about the value added by going Mechanical - I read about the difference and comments like "I'll never go back to non-mechanical" get me thinking that this is the way to go, ... but, . . .

On my current maybe list for keyboards are:

Logitech G110 $60 (NCIX) - best price of the lot, but non-mechanical yet gets mostly good reviews. Backlight options of Blue-Purple-Red, USB pass through bonus, cable management appeals to me. The 12 G-Key x 3 macro each gives me 36 buttons for my virtual airplane - for the pice this moves the G110 to the top of the heap. The price for Logitech's mechanical version jumps to $140 ouch.

Corsair Vengeance K90 @ $110 is almost twice the price but it is mechanical (Cherry Red) with 18 macro keys x 3 = 54 macro's - more than I can remember - and 50% more than the G110. Reviews are generally good although the choice to not to use mechanical keys for those 18 macro's which are also not backlight. The macro keys are described as very cheap in their feel and looks like it was added as an afterthought to the keyboard. But it does have aluminum background for most of the keyboard - too bad it was not carried through to the whole keyboard.

RAZER BlackWidow 2013 $92 - mechanical (not sure if it is Cherry?), but green backlighting is a turn off. (can buy one for $75 without backlighting), but only has five macro keys and I'd like more. I see that opinion is really split on the Razer line - some people really love them, others not so much. I guess they suffer from lots of hype.

ROCCAT ISKU FX @ $ 90 is a contender but to take advantage of their advanced features it requires their gaming mouse and I already have a mouse I like. This is not a mechanical keyboard. You can choose any colour of the rainbow, nice. curiously out of stock right now at Memory Express, either very popular or they didn't bring many in. It apparently features 36 easy to execute macro keys but not sure how that's done as the left sidebar only has five extra keys? But the promo-hype for this keyboard is interesting - anyone use one of these?

The Coolermaster Storm Trigger @ $110 is a Cherry Brown mechanical keyboard, limited to five macro keys which pushes it down my list but the reviews suggest the quality is superior to some of the othes, and I think I might like the brown cherries better? (Hard to tell without being able to actually press these keys).

And then there is the Gigabyte Osmium at $115, it is Cherry Reds and while it only has five macro keys (at the top, not sure whether this is a good thing or not?) it does say that you can program up to 70 macro switches using their software. May take some getting used to but 70 sounds like plenty. This is the only one so far to support USB 3.0 (they also include a USB 2.0 port) which might come in handy in the future.

So many choices - more than a little overwhelming.

Do I wait for a great sale (like the one I mention next in the "almost got me to buy" category? I wish I was close enough to a store that carried keyboards to actually get a chance to feel some of these?

As for the Almost but no Cigar award. it goes to ....

Memory Expresses for their one day (today) deal for a Levetron Mech5 with gamer's mouse and headphones all fo $99 (regular $225) if it wasn't for the shear size of this keyboard I might have gone for it. But the warning in several reviews that it is a big keyboard and not keyboard tray friendly - I measured and it might just squeeze in, but the featured upper keypad would probably be too high. And apparently it is very very geeky in a high school teenie looking sort of way according to one reviewer who compared it to the Logitech one more at home on an adult's desk.

If they had this offer with some of their other mechanical keyboards I may be tempted to pull the trigger - how often do deals like this one come along.

I keep on spending time watching for just the right keyboard at a price I can't pass up. ...

Fort Kent, Alberta

2012 - A10 Rig
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