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Originally Posted by Hooded View Post
Does it help the older 6970's as well?
I think so. 6950s are getting over 13,000 PPD according to that google table I posted earlier.

The big deal is the lack of CPU usage now, which not only allows AMD GPU folding, but GPU folding in concert with CPU folding to maximize PPD. So, for example if you get a high speed I7 CPU using Sandy/Sandy Bridge-E or Ivy Bridge with a healthy overclock, you can still get more points from your AMD GPU.

It used to be that using an AMD GPU was counter-productive as it would take away enough of a core to slow down CPU folding, and thus cause a loss of overall PPD due to the Quick-return-bonus scheme.

Edit: For those on AMD 5/6000 series it's recommended you stick with Catalyst 13.1 drivers. For those on AMD 7000 series it's recommended you use Cat 13.2 beta.

So far on Catalyst 13.1 my 7870 "Tahiti" is getting over 20,000 PPD on a 7662 unit. I'll upgrade tonight to see if it improves. This is at 1025mhz in AMD Overdrive.

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