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Sure I can break it down for ya. SF2200 is the family of controllers. In the consumer market the SF2281 is the defacto std controller from LSI (they bought out SandForce). The GS uses the SF2281. :)

If you are worried about reliability...all are very good the SF2281 is mature tech and the NAND these use are good kit. However, just like animal farm...all are equal but some are more equal than others. Intel, Crucial, SanDisk (sorta kinda) and Samsung all get the cream of the NAND crop. Pick any of these mfg'ers and you will have very little worries about a early death (still happens..but less likely). So on the SF side of things its SanDisk and Intel (I like Intel more right now as they have their kick ass software package...and best in the biz customer service). On the Marvel side of things....I really...really like the Samsung 840 Pro. The plextor is good kit...very good kit. But they are a bit of a ? for me. Give them two more years in the biz and see if they stick around is my attitude.

YMMV...but Intel 520, Samsung 840 Pro (not std model...its less than optimal and I cant recommend it), Sanny Extreme 240...even the older M4 from Crucial (though their M5 is over due!!). Pick these if you have any hestitations and want 'no brainer' options. They are all fast, reliable and all round kick ass with the best of them. :)
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