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Originally Posted by Dimitry49 View Post
Have you had a chance to work with the case? Because I feel your opinion would change if you had. The plastic is not cheap and flimsy, I dont know where you get that idea from. The case in fact has a good quality feel, despite the integrated top/front plastic bits.
Well said Dimitry, I have not in fact had a chance to work with this case and my comment regarding the plastic bits may have been unfair. Truthfully even the most robust and aestetically pleasing plastic shell on any case in my mind tend to "look" cheap and flimsy compared to Steel and alluminum in my eyes. My somewhat preconcieved ideas about this middle brother of the Phantom 3.0 and the 820 really stem from the fact that although they are feature rich (albeit redundant and needless in many cases imo) the basic aestetics of this NZXT line don't tickle my fancy in the least. Anyways I loved the review and think all the case reviews HWC does are simply outstanding. Thanks for keeping me honest and please keep up the great work.
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