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My System Specs

Default Galaxy GTX 660ti 3GB SLI Scale and performance

I decided that while i wait for a few more things to be manufactured, that I might as well create a little bit of a SLI Scaling update. For this mini 'review', I overclocked each GPU to the following:

These cards came overclocked to 1006mhz on the core. So I tried to get as much out of the core as i could, while maintaining stability. I think that my PSU held be back a little bit, as the second core wasn't 100% stable beyond these clocks. As well, the ram didn't respond as well as i would have liked. The 3GB per card however, provided plenty of headroom for what i want to play.

For each test, I used both stock values and the above attained overclock.
In regards to my testing methodology, the only synthetic benchmark i used was Heaven 4.0.
The systems specs are as follows:
  • CPU: i5 2500k (4.2GHZ)
  • Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H
  • 2x4GB Patriot Viper Extreme 1866
  • 60GB Corsair Vertex SSD (game drive)
  • 2x Galaxy 660ti 3GB
  • Seasonic X-660 PSU

Each benchmark and game was played at 2560x1440.
The following settings were used: Each game/benchmark was done with the highest possible graphical settings. I'll break each out individually as i display. More games to be added as soon as i have them purchased :) Each test was conducted using nVidia 310.70 Drivers

Heaven 4.0
Quality: Ultra
Tessellation: Extreme
AA: 4x

As seen here, single cards were average around 19-20 fps, despite the overclock. While the SLI setup was 30-31 average fps. This reflects a 50% scalability on this synthetic benchmark.

DeadSpace 3
Quality: Very High
AA: 4x

Dead Space 3 didn't really test my GPU's like i thought they would. I guess that's something you can expect form a console port. Single cards ranged from 85fps stock to over 100fps when overclocked. SLI scaling took a hit as well. I think this has to do with lack of a SLI profile for this game. With SLI overclock numbers reaching just about 120fps. This would represent a ~20% increase when in SLI.

Quality: Ultra
MSAA: 4x
Anisotropic Filter: 16x

For this, i'm also including sourced GTX Titan #'s from a review site that bench marked this game at 2560x1440. I'm including these as this would provide a really strong value assessment to these to cards. This data is sourced and all credit for the GTX Titan goes to by Ryan Smith & Rahul Garg at Anandtech.

BF3 is where these cards shine with regards to my testing. Single Overclocked card tested at 44.9 fps. In SLI, these cards were able to pump out 84.7 average fps. This results in 89% increase. This is by far the best scalabilty I've seen through my testing. In comparison to the Titan, These two cards at stock, and overclocked beat it. Not bad for cards that on sale can be had at $550.00.

Crysis 3
Quality: Very High - FXAA
Anisotropic Filter: 16x
GTX Titan and GTX 690 results from PCPER

-Scene: Opening level, heavy rain. Tesselation heavy scene.

This game pushed the SLI set up however it averaged out quite well at very stressful conditions. This setup came VERY close to going blow for blow with the GTX Titan. As well, when it comes to scaling, Crysis 3 really uses both cards very well. They scale at almost 95%. This is exactly the type of performance i was hoping from these cards. The extra memory helps with the textures at this 2560x1440p res. As a pair, they do an amazing job pushing through one of the most graphically demanding parts of this game. Again, these two Galaxy cards prove they are easily the best value you can purchase right now.


This conclusion needs to be prefaced by stating that the review is far from done. New titles will be added and I'll continue to push these cards hard. However, the biggest thing to take away from this is that when using the Titan as a base of comparison, these cards in SLI really shine. An 11% increase in fps at half the price of the Titan is nothing to complain about. More games will be evaluated and added to the list above as they are bench marked :)

When you take into consideration the kick ass cooler, and non-reference design Galaxy has a winning package on their hands. These cards compete with the best, at a fraction of the price. Probably the best value you can find right now.

If you guys have any questions or concerns please let me know and i'll be more than happy to address them :)
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