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Default Mobo shorting when watercooling is installed, but runs on air

As the title says.... i screwed up.... again... lol
Edited the title, as the parts i soaked now work fine.... except when watercooling is installed they short out

I cant help but laugh at myself this time.

I got a new case today (Bitfenix Outlaw) and proceeded to transfer my system over. I didnt want to cut the outlaw up, so i bought a radbox to house my RX240 on the top of the case. Anyway, i washed my rad (Inside and out) and -thought- i dried it all over.... i guess not. i got the system together and filled my loop and leaktested - no problem. i hook everything up to it and boot it up... gets to first post scren, then the marvel controller, back to post, then j micron back to -shuts off-....... wtf, i look in my system and see some droplets of clear water. I use dist + hydrx in my loop. the water droplets were on the 6 pin power to the grfx card....

i dried everything up and it still wont start. it starts but shuts down immediatly, so its shorting somewhere.... i unpluged the gpu from the 6 pins and the mobo, and tried but it still shorts. im wondering if the mobo got wet and shorted itself.

so yeah. im going to leave it over night, and see what happens tmmrw. if it still wont start i might take it to a comp shop, or rip it down and see if it will run on a bench.

lol, whatta night, thank god i have this laptop.... at least i can still do my homework
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