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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Eldonko View Post
Still running mine today as well, love it. Quite honestly the best board Ive ever reviewed / owned.

Running RIVE with a 3960X, 32GB of Mushkin Redline, and a GTX 670. 5Ghz at 1.4v

Ivy Bridge hardware been sitting on the shelf for 8 months.

Reading your review and subsequent praise I decided that it was worth trying and it certainly has not disappointed. I still have not really found max clocks, but am currently happy with speeds. Will eventually move to 32G and play with RAMdisk. Paired with the Sammy 840 Pro it is plenty snappy ATM.

The only real gripe I have is Intel dropping the ball on PCI-E gen 3.0. I cannot OC my cards at all or I get crashes. While I know it means very little currently, but upgrading to future cards may take performance losses losing some platform longevity without upgrading the processor. That and cutting the 6Gbps SATA ports to two kinda had me pissed. Especially when a budget h67 chip set had two.
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