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Still running mine today as well, love it. Quite honestly the best board Ive ever reviewed / owned.

Running RIVE with a 3960X, 32GB of Mushkin Redline, and a GTX 670. 5Ghz at 1.4v

Ivy Bridge hardware been sitting on the shelf for 8 months.
Originally Posted by turtletrax View Post
Bit of a necro, but I have spent the last few months with my RIVE and 3930k, both watercooled and have to say it is the best platform I have used bar none. Paired it up with a Corsair Dominator Cas9 2133 4x4G kit and a Samsung 840 Pro 256 and it is smooth as silk and gaming with 2 GTX 680s is sick. After 13 years building rig after rig, I can honestly say that I am satisfied with performance and also the first time expectations have been exceeded. If I had to gripe, it would be basic Intel buggery since AMD fell off. I guess I was spoiled by Intel actually having competition and giving everybody what they wanted. I figure if X79 did not get stripped of so many features before launch I probably would never have bought another enthusiast class chipset again from lack of need, now I guess I wont do it because Intel screws with them too hard. I guess my next purchase in the "enthusiast" category will be solid 6Gbps RAID controller.

After messing with CPUv offset I settled in at 4.8Ghz @ 1.38Vcore and all speedstep features are working perfectly.
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