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My System Specs


That's to bad. Do you have any screenshots of the errors? I would say it's perfectly fine to sell it if the buyer knows the history. But I have heard that baking can last as little as a month or two if it fixes it at all.

It sounds to me like it's the memory and not the core though. Usually (in my experience) if it snows it's the mem. If you get lots of lines it's the core. I didn't read all the posts, but I assume you tried to undervolt/clock it to see if that had any effect?

Does the cooler cover all the ram chips? If not a water block may save it. Not sure if a 150 dollar WB is worth it on a 50 dollar card though lol.

Also, on a different note, I was appalled by the (lack of) quality in the Windforce heatsink design/manufacture. The conductive surface that lies on the the chip and the RAM was very poorly machined. It was full of grooves, and was quite rough to the touch. It was just the bare aluminum of the heatsink, without so much as a copper base.

I hope the newer models of windforce coolers are built better than this!
I personally won't touch an XFX anything. That said though, there is really nothing wrong with a rougher finish on a heatsink (contrary to popular belief). A rougher surface can actually increase the surface area. However I can see the opposite being true with thermal pads sitting on the hills and not getting into the valleys like thermal grease would.What is more important though, as you mentioned is materials and TIM quality/quantity. Too much can interfere with (insulate) heat transfer and too little can have a similar result.

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