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My System Specs


Not sure if it is fully stable, but spent this evening with my 3770k and hit 4.5Ghz with 1.12vcore (offset AUTO -0.06v) and load temps are between 50c and 60c. Prime95 25.11 has run for an hour running small FFT with no issues. Thing does not like elpida Hypers, so will switch ram kit and see what that does to help mem overclocking. Anything over 1600Mhz on the mem and it starts to hang.

If I can keep these temps I wont be de-lidding just to hang onto my warranty. I should knock on wood, my chip buying luck is always way above average :)

My batch info is 3237B804

Gonna let it ride for a couple hours and will post some screens. Might be able to lower Vcore even more

Here is a cap from the first hour.

Max temps are off because my Aqauero XT has occasional fits and reboots itself. Have two and they are both crap
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