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Default Windows Phone 8

Simple topic, this is really just a topic about those who have questions about windows phone 8 or want to talk about their phone.

I have a Nokia Lumia 920, it's a tough ass phone I must say (dropped it many times, since it slips off my uniform during work.) I really love the camera quality of it, my only problem with it is that it the battery quality can be great at times and horrible on others, visiting white pages seem to heat up the battery easily.

I purchased a Windows Phone 8, instead of Android and iOS because I honestly didn't like both of them, iOS is horrible (had an iPhone 3GS) after a few updates with it, Safari crashes, Mail crashes, everything just either hangs up or crashes and the battery drains in less than 5 hours. As for Android, I never had a Android phone but I had a Sony S Tablet with Android in it, I didn't like it so I sold it 3 weeks after purchasing it, there was something about it that I didn't like I can't put my finger on it, possibly on how almost all apps run on Java :P.

While I cannot say Windows Phone 8 is perfect, it's pretty suitable for me. I honestly like the idea of having live updates tiles in my home page, like weather, gas prices, skype messages etc... Also comes built a text translator, QR code reader(not much a quality really.), music identifier (no need for Shazam).Of course though the major flaw with it is that there's not a lot of apps compare to say iOS or Android. I've also encountered a rare bug that somehow the volume controls wouldn't work (even muting it the speakers still were on.) But after a shut down and reboot the phone, problem goes away.

But Nokia did make a lot of exclusive apps that are great. Especially the Nokia Drive + app (it's a GPS powered navigation app that gives you directions without the need of an internet connection, as long as you download the whole country map.)

But ya that's pretty much all I got to say about it. I made this topic since I didn't seem to find any other Windows Phone 8 topic.

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