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Enjoying myself so far, the last two days have been pretty smooth. Though they seemed to have some issues last night with cities syncing up with the server, thought I was going to lose all my hard work.

My biggest issues right now are traffic and water. The traffic AI, if you could call it that, is pretty bad. Plenty of open/empty roads but everyone has to pile into the same ones. It's as if they are using shortest distance instead of shortest travel time to determine routes. Also, why do ambulances/fire trucks/police cars have to wait in traffic, I would expect the cars to move out of the way and that the lights would turn green for them. The number of buildings that have burned down, or crimes/injuries, that are missed because of this is a pain. I also don't like the fact you only have one highway connection to the region (though trade port with rail connection has solved most of my problems).

I also don't get why the water table drains so quickly, I find my self having to move pumps/dezone areas quite frequently to maintain stable water with a fairly constant population.

Obviously if we had larger borders for cities the above could probably be alleviated as you could dedicate more area to certain things.
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