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Originally Posted by DBGP View Post
Pretty much what the title says. In my main desktop i have my 930 oc'd at 4ghz, but just recently i made a computer for my tv and after only ever having one amd cpu ever i decided to give the fx 8350 a try. I know the amd isnt as good at single threaded programs but overall would it be better than my i7? I cannot get my i7 overclocked any higher. In games such as battlefield which would be better? Also i have 3 gtx 570s in 3way sli, so how would the amd fare for not bottlenecking?
Since you already own it, I suggest giving it a try. Too many mixed opinions around the web to draw a solid conclusion. An FX-8350 will hit 4.6GHz+ no problem. I have a hard time believing that an older gen i7 running at 4GHz will beat it across the board at those speeds. BF3 is a great multi-threaded game and runs excellent on AMD FX cpus. The difference in power consumption looks big on paper but it's not like you'll go broke paying for electricity trying to run it. Hell, you're running 3 x GTX570's so I highly doubt you're worried about power consumption at all.
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