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Default Shopping for sound

Okay here's a valid question and somewhat odd to answer. I'm interested in buying new speakers for my new build and found out my motherboard can handle 8 channel (7.1) and thus I started checking out prices and capabilities for 7.1 and 5.1 speakers. It then dawned on me that I"ll need to upgrade my current 550W Sea Sonic Gold to something with much more wattage. I was caught by this PSU Whitelight77 - Saved Builds - PCPartPicker Canada but every picture I've found doens't show me where the module ports are. Plus I've heard that some PSU's are better suited for speakers than others but I'm unsure of that. After answering that what speakers or brand would people recommend? After searchign around I'm thinking all I really need is a 5.1 set.

Clear and concise sound is what I'm really after.

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