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Default Does the ASUS DGX output 5.1 SPDIF signal?

Reading the review below there is the following line and I don't know what it means:
"The Xonar DGX can't encode digital bitstreams on the fly, limiting multi-channel digital output to pre-encoded tracks"
"The Xonar DGX might not be able to encode digital bitstreams in real-time, but it can virtualize multi-channel speaker setups using Dolby Headphone software incorporated in the drivers".

So I read that to say that it does some kinda processing to imitate 5.1 on regular stereo headphones but I don't really care about that. What I am wondering is if it does or doesn't pass a 5.1 signal to my amplifier via it's SPDIF optical output.

I have a order for one of these and I wanted headphone amp AND 5.1 optical output. Might be too late to change my order but if it doesn't output 5.1 via the SPDIF I'm going to try to change the order to a higher end Xonar.

It's the word "encoding" that confuses me. If I have an MKV movie that has a 5.1 audio track on it does the DGX need to "encode" it to pass that 5.1 signal to my amp (if so it seems the DGX can't do it) or does that 5.1 signal just get passed to my amp via the SPDIF optical output and I get surround?
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